Enhance Your Smile With Teeth Whitening

Natural blonde smiling on grey backgroundIf you are interested in improving the shade of your smile, we offer professional cosmetic treatments that can lift stains and provide a whiter look. While store-bought whitening treatments can seem convenient, we could create a custom solution that addresses your specific level of discoloration to return a winning smile! At your Wheaton, IL dental practice, our professional whitening systems can dramatically improve your confidence in as little as a single afternoon.

What Causes Dental Discoloration?

How do blemishes form on the surface of your teeth? There are many reasons that teeth become yellow, including genetics and the natural aging process. However, your daily habits make a big contribution to your smile’s shade. This means that you can possibly improve your smile by simply changing your behaviors. Stains can form when you fail to brush and floss your teeth every day because the buildup of plaque that results from a lack of oral hygiene can erode your enamel and bring out an unsightly yellow hue. Another contributor to discoloration is tobacco use in its various forms. Certain drinks you enjoy contain dark pigments that can take hold, such as coffee, tea, wine, and soda. By focusing on improving your daily habits, you can preserve the results of a whitening session long after treatment!

Professional Teeth Whitening

We provide two options for brightening your natural teeth to accommodate your schedule. If you prefer, we can perform an in-office treatment that lifts discoloration in a single visit. This fast and effective solution begins by applying a bleaching gel to the surface of your enamel while protecting your lips and gums. We then apply a special light to accelerate the process and lift your stains. Depending on your specific hue, we repeat the treatment until we reach your desired shade.

You can also enjoy whitening your teeth with an at-home kit to use at your own convenience. This kit provides the same professional-strength gel that you can apply in coordination with a chargeable device that activates the treatment. After performing four rounds of treatment each day, you can upload your results to a mobile app that tracks your progress.

Porcelain Veneers Can Instantly Improve Your Appearance

Sometimes your discoloration is due to the loss of your enamel itself. When this is the case, porcelain veneers are a great option for quickly returning a bright smile. Their versatile nature means you can also address physical damage, loss of height, and minor spacing issues in a single treatment. By inspecting your smile, we can determine if your teeth are healthy enough for veneer placement!

Speak With Your Wheaton, IL Dentist About Receiving A Treatment For Brighter Teeth!

With cosmetic dental treatments, you can enjoy a dazzling new smile and lift problematic stains with ease! If you would like to find out more, call Amber Dental in Wheaton, IL today at (630) 665-5555.

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