How Dental Services Protect Growing Smiles

Parent and child happy smiles pediatric dentistry conceptThe health of your young child is something that you will obviously monitor closely as well as support. When it comes to the health of their smile, you can play an active role in protecting it as it develops, but it can be difficult to monitor that growth as closely as you might like. Fortunately, your Wheaton, IL dentist can help you with pediatric smile care matters as your little one’s teeth begin to arrive. Beginning with their first visit, we will provide a gentle introduction to dental care for your child as well as reviews that inform you about their development. We also provide guidance to parents for effective at-home care. As kids age, we will adjust the treatment experience to ensure it remains effective at protecting and supporting them.

When Should Your Child Attend Their First Dental Exam?

When your child’s first tooth begins to arrive, you should make arrangements for them to meet with their dentist. An initial pediatric dental appointment will provide an important introduction to smile care, which is why we take care to provide an accommodating and friendly experience. First appointments give us the opportunity to welcome your little one and familiarize them with our office. It will also be an opportunity for you to discuss how to protect their teeth as they continue to arrive.

How Pediatric Care Changes To Meet The Needs Of Growing Kids

Just as your child’s smile will go through considerable changes in their early years, their treatment experiences will change so that we can continue to meet their needs. We will help ease them into the kind of preventive dental appointment experiences which protect patients of all ages. This will include gentle cleanings as well as visual evaluations that monitor their development. We also provide guidance to them as they start to take on their own brushing and flossing, which helps them protect themselves and develop a positive relationship with oral hygiene.

Our Office Is Here To Help Parents As Well As Their Children!

Parents can show their kids that dental visits are nothing to be afraid of in many ways. You can provide helpful information and reassurance both before and during their earliest visits. You can also show that you are not afraid by scheduling your own appointments! Regular dental health checkups are important for adults as well as children. In addition to showing how beneficial these visits are, you will receive helpful cleanings and feedback that protect your smile and health.

Talk To Your Wheaton, IL Dentist About Booking Pediatric Smile Care!

The right commitment to smile care at an early age can have lasting benefits for kids. To book your child’s oral health care, please call your Wheaton, IL dentist’s office today at (630) 665-5555.

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