Orthodontic Care For The Whole Family

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When dental misalignment occurs, this could lead to negative impacts on your smile’s appearance and also lead to issues with the health and function of your bite too. But we can help with orthodontics! At your Wheaton, IL, dental office, we can offer braces, clear aligners, and more for kids and adults alike.

Orthodontics for Kids

Did you know that we can start treatment for children as young as age seven? At that age, there is a mix of primary teeth and permanent ones, so we can better assess their risk of misalignment and malocclusion down the road. Treatment during this stage is known as phase one, or interceptive, and provide care to guide the growth of the smile and limit the severity of misalignment, so when kids reach their teens orthodontic treatment can be completed with braces or aligners, and they can start adulthood with even smiles

For young children, we can use custom retainers to help guide the growth of the smile, and if baby teeth are lost prematurely, we can use space maintainers to prevent shifting teeth from obstructing the eruption of permanent ones.

Braces for Adults

For teens and adults, we can take on major misalignment with braces. The treatment process involves attaching brackets to the front of the teeth and connecting an arch wire to them with bands. We adjust tension in the wire during periodic visits to gently shift the teeth, with optimal results usually taking about two years, as the bone needs to grow and reform around the new positions of your teeth. This can help correct crooked, crowded, and overlapping teeth, so you or your family member can smile with confidence.

Clear Aligners for Teens and Adults

Our team can also talk about clear aligners for teens and adults. Instead of braces, this uses a series of aligners custom-made and fitted for your smile. You wear a set for about 20 to 22 hours a day on average, and change to the new set every two weeks. For some, optimal results are possible in as little as one year. These can be removed for cleaning, and also to make mealtime simpler and make it much easier to brush and floss your teeth. You also have fewer office visits.

If you have any questions about our orthodontics or which ones might be right for you or your child, then contact our team today for an initial consultation, so we can start you on the journey to even smiles and better oral health.

Talk To Your Wheaton, IL Dentist About Orthodontics

We have options that can correct uneven smiles whether you have a minor or severe case, so you can enjoy a smile that makes you feel proud! If you would like to find out more about how we take on dental misalignment, call Amber Dental in Wheaton, IL today at (630) 665-5555.


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