Orthodontics At Different Life Stages

couple with clear aligner orthodontics conceptThere are different issues with dental alignment that orthodontic services can treat. In addition to taking on different problems with spacing, our Wheaton, IL dental office can help people in different life stages with the corrective work that they need. For our younger patients, this can mean early interceptive work to limit how much work is needed when they are older. For adults, this can mean pursuing orthodontic treatment that resolves their needs discreetly. We can offer detailed guidance on matters related to smile care, making it easier for you to commit to a procedure that yields welcome cosmetic and oral health benefits.

We Can Offer Orthodontic Services At Different Times In Patients’ Lives

What you require from a dental appointment will change through the years. For younger children in particular, accommodating care and a focus on education are important. Adults also benefit from care in a welcoming environment, but their needs are less introductory and more focused on long-term maintenance. With that said, people in different age groups can share a need for corrective work to fix poor teeth spacing. When this problem is not dealt with, it can lead to complications. Malocclusion affects your ability to bite and chew without overusing certain teeth. This can lead to excess wear and tear as well as more pressure on your jaw muscles and joints. If you have teeth that overlap, cleaning becomes more difficult. Whether we are treating you for unresolved spacing issues or helping your young child with early orthodontic care, the right intervention can have lasting value.

Providing Early Orthodontic Support For Young Patients

With early orthodontic support, we provide proactive care that limits issues with poor teeth spacing. Based on what we see during pediatric dental exams, we can determine what risk you child faces for improper alignments. By intervening early, we can limit how much corrective work they need later, which can make their experience with treatment easier and protect against oral health complications.

Beginning Corrective Work As An Adult

Adults may feel self-conscious even bringing up the matter of their teeth spacing. What you should know is that by not dealing with the problem, you make yourself susceptible to complications that can negatively affect your health and how you look. You should also know that clear aligners make care surprisingly easy to fit into your daily life. Because we offer these appliances for treatment, we can see to it that your teeth are adjusted without drawing unwanted attention to your need for corrective work.

Talk To Our Wheaton, IL Dental Office About Orthodontic Treatment For Yourself Or A Family Member

If you would like to learn more about orthodontic treatment for yourself or a member of your family, call our Wheaton, IL dental practice at 630.665.5555.

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